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Swingers Lifestyle
If you've been curious about what swinging is all about you are not alone !

Also known as the "Lifestyle" swinging is about people meeting each other and connecting on whatever sexual level that they are comfortable with.

Some swingers are very hard core and chemistry may not be that important, while other swingers might be soft core, where some type of friendship or positive chemistry is built over some time.

Regardless of where you fit on the scale, most people in the Lifestyle are outgoing, friendly, and respectful. There is an unwritten credo on the do’s and don’ts when engaging people in this environment just as there are rules of engagement in other social settings.
Lifestyle Resorts
There are many resorts throughout the world which cater to Swingers or “Lifestyle” participants. Most of these types of lifestyle or swinger resorts are located in the Caribbean and Mexico, Central America, Brazil, and Europe. 

A few of the most popular resorts are: Hedo II, Caliente Caribe, Desire, and Spice. Popular resorts in the United States are: Caliente, Paradise Lakes and Rooftop Resort. 
Swinger Friendly
What does “swingers friendly” mean when it comes to selecting a resort? Usually described within a sexual connotation “swinger friendly” almost always is a welcoming phrase to fun loving, open minded people who want to explore something sexual outside of the ordinary.

This does not mean that every clothing optional, or nudist resort is a swinger resort, it simply describes the type of people whom may be found at such a resort. Many times resorts will have specific weeks set aside to cater to the people in the Lifestyle – usually called a swingers takeover. These same resorts at other times cater to clientele who are naturists and are perhaps a bit more low key. 

Whatever environment you decide you want to experience, you’ll be able to find the right resort to meet your unique needs.
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