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Swingers Lifestyle
If you've been wondering about what swinging is all about you are not alone !
Also known as the "Lifestyle" swinging is about people meeting each other and connecting with one another on what ever level that works for them.

Some swingers are very hard core and chemistry may not be that important, while other swingers might be soft core, where some type of friendship or positive chemistry is built over some time.

Regardless of where you fit on the scale everyone in the lifestyle is friendly, respectful and engaging. 99% of all the people follow this unwritten credo; of course every now and then you get to encounter an annoying person, but that happens in real life as well.
Lifestyle Resorts
There are many swingers resorts or "lifestyle" resorts in the world and especially in the Caribbean Islands, Brazil etc..., However, there are some "swingers get a way resorts" right here in the USA.
Swinger Friendly
What does "swingers friendly" mean in the resort and entertainment business ? Usually described within a sexual connotation "swinger friendly" almost always is a welcoming phrase to people who are sexual swingers. This does not mean that the establishment is a swingers facility, but that swingers are welcome to their establishment.